This War is Familiar

24 June 2016

Hackney Showroom

As part of Refugee Week 2016, 1989 Productions presented 4 brand new plays exploring 4 fundamental human rights that are being violated across the world.

Confronted with danger, two women have very different ideas about war, their escape and what lies in Europe.

In Northern Ireland, a woman visits her local travel agent to plan an important trip, but with so many choices available, how will she decide?

In the wake of the New Year’s Eve assaults in Cologne, the worlds of journalism and its victims are explored: in today’s 24 hour news world, do we ever get the truth?

A prisoner shares her views on murder, punishment and repentance in the final moments of her life.

All profits from ticket sales were in aid of CalAid, a grassroots movement open to all, meeting the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people.

Plays by Nicoletta Barrett, Jenny Knotts, Duncan Taylor and Jingan Young

Cast included Charlotte Blake, Rea Mole, Duncan Taylor and Paul Westwood

To find out more about CalAid, click here.

To find out more about Refugee Week, click here.