Lela & Co.

By Cordelia Lynn

3 September – 3 October 2015

Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, Royal Court Theatre

The story of a young girl trapped in an increasingly tiny world.

In the beginning was the mattress.

Gradually, other little changes – more bolts on the front door; the gun; the locked cupboard. And she knew in her heart that change was bad. The story of a young girl trapped in an increasingly tiny world.

Based on a true story.

Conceived and developed by Desara Bosnja and 1989 Productions.

Design by Ana Inés Jabares Pita, lighting by Oliver Fenwick and sound by David McSeveney.

Cast includes David Mumeni & Katie West

Reviews for Lela & Co:

The Times

Dominic Maxwell
‘one of the most powerful 90 minutes I’ve spent in a theatre’
‘An extraordinary Royal Court debut from both Lynn and Christian’  – 5 stars

The Guardian

Lyn Gardner
‘Katie West plays Lela with a heartbreaking chattiness, pinning us with her open gaze as she leads us into the dark heart of the story’
‘an evening in which form and content are married to offer a harrowing, astringent but surprisingly playful critique of war, and the violence of patriarchy and capitalism’ – 4 stars


Matt Trueman
‘Violence is represented with admirable restraint and responsibility. If anything it gains from going unseen’
‘Mumeni […] controls the space, gliding through the audience in his game-show gold suit. Still and confident, he commands our attention’ – 4 stars

Arts Desk

Aleks Sierz
‘one of the most powerful plays I’ve ever seen’
‘it grabs you by the throat and then it shakes you almost senseless’
‘a theatrical tour de force’ – 5 stars

London Evening Standard

Henry Hitchings
‘speaks about violence with an unsettling vividness’
‘Jude Christian’s multi-sensory production is deliberately jarring – never more so than when it plunges us into darknes’ – 3 stars

Time Out

Andrzej Lukowski
‘It’s hard to work out whether Cordelia Lynn’s ‘Lela & Co’ is incredibly timely, or if we as a species are so universally awful that it would always feel relevant. But it certainly strikes a chord during a month defined by tremendous civilian suffering.’ – 3 stars